Our Mission

"Empowering Industries, Enriching Futures: ATMASTCO Limited is committed to revolutionizing metal fabrication, EPC projects, and specialty equipment supply across India and beyond. Our mission is to consistently deliver innovative solutions, exceptional quality, and unparalleled service, driving global excellence while forging lasting partnerships and empowering industries for a sustainable future."

Our vision

Charting a Path to Global Excellence: ATMASTCO Limited envisions a future where sustainable growth drives our ascent from a national leader to a global trailblazer in metal fabrication, EPC projects, and specialty equipment supply. Committed to innovation, quality, and ethical practices, we aim to set new industry standards, expand our footprint across borders, and become the foremost choice for transformative solutions worldwide. Our journey is guided by a steadfast commitment to fostering sustainable growth, empowering communities, and leaving an indelible mark on the global stage.

Our Profile

ATMASTCO offers services to the steel sector with a focus on usability, security, and sustainability. We help clients with Mep contractors, cutting-edge technologies, and creative designs.

Associated Companies

As the first defence company in Chhattisgarh, ATMASTCO Defence produces top-notch bulletproof jackets and ballistic helmets for India's esteemed defense services. As a regional trailblazer, the company crafts cutting-edge protective gear that meets stringent defense standards, playing a vital role in safeguarding national security.


Concord Helmets & Safety Products Private Limited is a leading manufacturer of industrial safety gear, specializing in high-quality products such as Industrial FRP Helmets, Fireman Helmets, Welding face shields, and more. Renowned for their commitment to quality and innovation, the company provides comprehensive PPE solutions, ensuring workplace safety for leading industrial players. With a focus on precision, functionality, and cutting-edge design, Concord Helmets is dedicated to pioneering advancements in protective gear, contributing to a safer working environment.


Top Management

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