Old Who We Are

Old Who We Are

Who we are - "The Beautiful truth "


We are Marching with the Nation…

Atmastco Limited is one of the leaders in the steel fabrication industry ever since its inception in the year 1987. Wheeled by Mr. S. Swaminathan, with his genuinity, a keen eye for detail and heavy doses of insights in the field, orchestrated the company’s success story by his will and determination for continuous improvement, boost capabilities, set new standards, improvise lives, and maintain quality which is imbibed in our core values.



An arrow of time

The humble beginnings date all the way back in 1987, when our MD S. Swaminathan, with an obsessed head full of passion & hunger for business, ventured unwittingly into the world of Iron & steel with trading. The gain of the priceless support of G. Venkatraman, in 1991, was the foundation of a dynamic & illustrious partnership. Swaminathan & Venkatraman, together, kept Atmastco going and growing and after years of striving, in 2007, they became MD & Director respectively of their own fabrication unit. This just fueled them on, and in no time within 4 years, they were running one of the largest fabrication units in all of Central India. With fascination for life, eagerness to strive and trysts with destiny materialized in what we know today as the Atmastco Group of companies where we welcome our newest baby, the Atmastco EPC division (Turnkey Solutions).

Our Values

Well of strength

Quality with selfless Service

Loyalty & Fairness

Diversity & Inclusion

Green & Clean Working Environment


Passion for Entrepreneurship

Sustainable Development

Upgrade People’s Life

Leadership of the company

Taking one step at a time to thine own self be true

Our Philosophy

Desire to achieve something bigger with imperial visions

Our Vision

To outshine as an organization that ensures/ enriches life of all its stakeholders by marching with the Nations’ development. 

Our Mission

To be one of the biggest names in engineering that represent innumerate opportunities by:

  • Hiring, Developing & retaining the best people,
  • Practicing environmentally friendly processes & procedures,
  • Highest standards in ethics, innovation and entrepreneurship,
  • Creating a strong impact on people and communities we attend to.